What We Do

Veteran Services Unlimited is a volunteer organization that strives to meet the needs of all Veterans regardless of their situation due to homelessness or personal problems that have contributed to their current situation or need. ...We do not judge why they are in their current situation but we strive to provide for their needs in the areas of food, shelter, medical attention or to meet their needs on an individual basis.

We recognize that all Veterans are Heroes and deserve to live the American dream regardless of what has contributed to their current situation. We want to serve our Heroes as they have served us and return them the dignity they deserve.

We also strive to help Veteran Homes throughout Texas and New Mexico that may need specialized medical equipment for patients. We take no government money and depend on personal donations or corporate donations to meet the needs of these Veterans. We hold fund raisers at times but I am also a disabled Veteran and canít always do this so we use different media and internet sources to raise money. We feed Veterans on the street and try to get them shelter in the winter months and help them in job search projects. Last year we raised enough money to donate three sit-to-stand lifts that were desperately needed at our Veterans' nursing homes.

Thank you for any help you can give us.

We feed, clothe and try to help homeless VETERANS! Donate cars, furniture or anything else, EVEN Land!!

Many non-profits now days spend up to 99% of their donations on administrative cost. We spend none of what we get in on administrative cost. 100% of your donations go to help Veterans.

You may always get in contact with us at veteranservices@yahoo.com

We need all the help we can get. There are several areas to drop off donations. Make donations out to Veteran's Services Unlimited, and drop off at Citizens Bank 4121 S. Georgia,Amarillo, Texas 79015 You may email us to pick-up any food or clothing items

Delicious gourmet fudge by the FUDGE LADY ( all proceeds go to support VSU, Inc.)

VETERANS SERVICES UNLIMITED a nonprofit serving veterans and their families